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Photobooth Ghosts

February 4, 2013

f86d7d868b132c4fe9c11c6879b1b90c 204c1060e8a688f111e59a6a672d2664

f48c721636ba0c4e940b07153810b4c7 ed95a111f99969c91998a8ab19f099ee e7f55e69149c28862e644a7f8de9b61d e6e007331034bf8793d0751b047ecdcf d15a9e129ded5d509b0031932234d80b cddcf3e26b1af1dbaa41b9545b311383 cc38d7e8ac4f44c0ed6a4de0157add8a ae1f878cdbc7f7be1949e51ff317a723 ac7668e17bda32fffea6c5836fc4ef5e a5a3a328e9bb6e921f8c7674e0a30fa2 046218badc66e7988bb87d777e8e590f 6495aa6ca99ef21ce713eda583508529 225a75de0def4be5c76464273b93e049 129c661f486a5fd5fb73bc56e170c3a1 91ded7c5274714474b56ce426163d87c 81ce9cb0d739108a2a8a6fc376322d4e 43f0fa91b084275c424d59adbbf69e6b 7d38881c995fb095736c6d5a7ad032f1 3cba1c622b254652b9ed4e670dcaaafe

0ffc82e7ec2882512377c2198867a61c 767612f92cebc701acff158911183dd1 a86d76a08497eac94568f9814eba7b7b ad7c3bcd4c76cb16d05e5f6722b7d248


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  1. February 7, 2013 3:47 am

    Reblogged this on fantasyismyworld and commented:
    Love this pic! So classy!

  2. February 14, 2013 1:26 am

    i like granny’s classy cigarette about to drop ashes

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