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Classic Film Junkie

January 11, 2011

I am a HUGE classic film buff… I’ve spent many a weekend staying in and watching TCM instead of going out and living up my young years. Why is this? Because classic film is a huge inspiration to me and my artwork.  Maybe its the more glamorous way of life back in the day, maybe it’s knowing all the original content from which shows like the Simpsons and Family guy get their pop culture references. But I can spend all day in bed watching old movies, and every once in a while I do  😉

In fact, I’m making a segment out of it… Just this morning (while forcing myself to use the treadmill), I watched “Now Voyager” (1942).

The film stars the unstoppable Bette Davis, who I both love and find sort of scary at times. ( She was known for being a tiny package with a huge personality and biting wit).  Bette plays Charlotte Vale, a spinster and ugly duckling in a family that sometimes tortures her for looks (think Frida Kahlo meets Norman Bates as his mother), and her lack of self-esteem. Their teasing pushes her to the point of a nervous breakdown, and she is sent to a hospital to work on her confidence.

Of course there is a makeover, both inside and out, and Charlotte experiences her first love a little late in life.

It’s definitely an essential, it has Bette at her greatest, glamorous fashion and of course that famous cigarette scene that has probably been parodied a bunch of times. Definitely check it out if you havent already.

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