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Lost in Translation

December 21, 2010

A couple of months ago I was sitting outside on campus, and spotted two guys having a cigarette and talking.

I had been on the look out for some people to paint that I felt kind of embodied the changing diversity in Phoenix, or that I generally just found interesting. So I got up the courage and approached them about taking their photo for a painting…

But as I sat there trying to explain myself to them (snapping away as they posed awkwardly), they interrupted me to let me know that they didn’t speak english. So I just left them there puzzled, trying to apologize for being a weirdo, with a couple of shots that I planned on painting anyway.

About a half an hour later the guys came and found me, this time with a translator named Sammy. He basically asked why the heck I was taking pictures of his friends, who look totally bewildered. So I explained the situation and they got really excited,  took my info, and even had their picture taken with me like I’m a celebrity or something.  Turns out these guys are from Saudi Arabia, and their names are Faisal and Mobark, and I am completely grateful that they have been such good sports in all my strangeness…

Maybe I should stick to sneaking pictures of people like a spy… 😉

I feel like they might need some more work… My painting style has become looser, but Im not completely satisfied. I may end up pulling this one out again later.

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