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A Day at the Museum

August 12, 2010

I spent my morning at the Phoenix Art Museum to see the Cezanne and American Modernism exhibit. AND to take a look at the Center For Creative Photography exhibit, which I’ve seen a lot of before but love anyway. And all I’ve got to say is, although I can really appreciate the work as a painter, it was just ok  to me… Not saying you shouldnt go see it.

I guess I’m just not a huge natural landscape and still-life person. But it was beautiful to take a look at his and other’s use of color and broad brush work.

Not to say that all still-life is boring…. I looove the still-life work by Elena Climent. I picked up a postcard of her piece I adore.

Her work is fun and colorful. Not your average apples and pears…

One thing that did trouble my visit, however, was the fact that as I walked around the museum I noticed that I was LITERALLY the only person of color around except for the cleaning lady, and the guy with the leaf blower outside… Why aren’t we all immersing ourselves in art and culture on a Wednesday morning? Oh yeah, we’re working to feed our kids…. forgot. No but really… Take the time to visit our City’s museum. It’s worth it.

I snapped a few photos of little old white-haired ladies sitting against the windows to maybe use for reference later… So hopefully so new work soon 🙂

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