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The Truth about Change…

June 2, 2010

It has been a long weekend of rest after the excitement and tiring  journey of Saturday’s march, and I have really been thinking about the effects of the action thus far. What has it done? what are we going to do next? As an artist, its simple enough just to keep working, but as a people what have our efforts done?

After reading this article, I really got to thinking. What is a good protest? A good movement? It motivates the people to the point of true affective action. In this case, it would move people to vote. Which SEEMS simple enough… but is it really? How many people do you know who simply refuse to vote, or just don’t care about current events AT ALL? How many people do you know that are wrapped up in material things, and money-making and reality tv?

Imagine if everyone who is truly involved in a cause found at least one person they know who never votes or never stops to think about issues outside of their own small lives and motivated them to vote (or at least made them lol). it would make a huge difference. These things are hitting so close to home…  How could you not look up from your everyday life and realize that you are in the middle of this chaos? Seeing families and Kids at the rallies and marches is what really puts it into perspective for me. The human element.

I challenge everyone to find at least one person who doesnt vote or care about politics, and make the change.

 I know I sure have some cousins and acquaintances who really don’t care to open their eyes… They will be hearing an earful from me in the up-coming months.

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