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A Little Bit of Ethnic Chauvinism…

May 14, 2010

Well, call me a revolutionary, call me an ethnic chauvinist… I am ALL FOR teaching that  supposedly promotes the “over-throw of the U.S. government” because they continue to screw us over…

 I thought it was already pretty bad when I was in elementary school because I had to learn who Cesar Chavez was on my own after I was already out of high school. I never learned that stuff in school… I’m one of the lucky few who had parents who took an interest in my education, but not everyone has that opportunity… (their parents are too busy working 3 jobs at below minimum wage to put food on the table) and its a damn shame that a group of white legislative xenophobes who are scared of being a minority can take away any hope for kids in the future. Everyone has the right to and should learn about their own cultural heritage, AND that of other people’s in a classroom environment. It breaks my heart on a daily basis to see how crappy schools are becoming for these kids (especially in the poor areas, but that’s a whole other issue). Kids NEED to relate to the people who are teaching them, and the content of what they are learning to thrive in society.

Its infuriating that someone like Tom Horne (who wasnt even born in the U.S. himself, mind you) can come in and scramble up people’s lives,  the future of people’s children, and the future of our state in general. (I swear if I don’t see some new faces voting in November I am going to be at an extremely low depression.)

Any shock at the fact that a group learning the history of their people’s struggles in America would promote resentment toward white people is just plain stupid. OF COURSE we feel resentment, whether we are Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American or any other race because we have all been in the role of the oppressed. When are you gonna get it? We get a free pass because you oppressed all of us. We get to complain about it, you don’t. I’m not by any means saying that I hate the white race,  I’m saying that historically, you guys have sucked…. It’s not your fault that your ancestors were crazy, just don’t follow in their footsteps.  Hell, we all have at least one grandparent or great aunt who’s a little racist and says crazy stuff…we’re getting there little by little. But don’t hold us back any more.  We cannot continue to vote for people who promote ignorance in our state. We deserve better.

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