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Cha on Tumblr

February 7, 2013

If you enjoy my all-over-the-place image overloads, you can now follow me on Tumblr 🙂




Photobooth Ghosts

February 4, 2013

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85 Year Old Best Friends

January 30, 2013

Things like this make me squeal.

Wednesday Inspiration Image Explosion

January 30, 2013

I exaggerate, but yes.

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Federico Beltrán Masses

January 30, 2013

A 20th century Spanish Painter with a flair for the dramatic, colorful but dark approach to both subject and styling, and a touch of Art Deco influence? Sounds amazing.

beltran-masses el-sueno-de-don-juan FEDERI~2 Federico_Beltran-Masses_ Federico-Beltran-Masses-Madame-Bonnardel--Countess-de-Mon maestrosdelretrato_blogspot_com Pierrot-malade-1929-Federico-Beltran-Masses SetWidth600-1932-Douglas-Fairbanks-jr-196-x-130cm SetWidth600-Tropical tumblr_lbb5fxyzfm1qztk1wo1_1280 tumblr_m2x7jcbeyJ1qe36o6o1_500 v0_master

The Phoenix New Times x Chambord: Artistic Endeavors

October 24, 2012

Ok so, The Phoenix New Times has partnered up with Chambord Flavored Vodka to bring you Artistic Endeavors! Basically, it’s an art contest in which 200 or so artists submitted their work to 3 categories, and then were narrowed down to 15 in each category. YOURS TRULY was selected as one of the 15 in the category of Urban Art.


The 15 in each category is being narrowed down to 5 through a voting process. You can help be clicking HERE to vote for me as your favorite urban artist. The 5 finalists will get a show in a Scottsdale Gallery, and a chance at winning rack cards and an alternate magazine cover for a week.

Your vote is VERY MUCH appreciated! Please take a couple of seconds and vote for Charissa Gutierrez as your favorite Urban Artist!

Please and Thank You!!!!

Ai WeiWei Never Sorry

August 13, 2012

I went to see this Documentary last night… I Highly recommend it, very powerful and gripping.